Nigeria Fashion Week 2012: Runway Photos

Hi Guys,

Last week I attended Nigeria Fashion Week 2012 as a blogger representative for They contacted me asking if I would be interested in covering Street Style at the fashion week for them and boy, was I excited to do so! As soon as they put up the pictures on their site, I will be sure to link it here so you lot can see the street style I was able to capture.

Till then, here are some distinct runway pieces from the designers that I fancied during the shows which ran from the 8th -10th of November. Some of the pictures are a little blurry as the boy (bless him) found it a little difficult photographing swaying models, I hope you enjoy them anyway!


Kosibah is an amazing Nigerian designer that is based in London. He makes a variety of breathtaking dresses and I have been lusting over his wedding dresses in particular for many years. I hope to be filling out one of his creations when ever my big day arrives 🙂

Alexandre Alexandre

He is a designer from Mozambique whose forte is majorly men’s fashion but he had a good number of female pieces too. 

Tesslo Concepts

Another Nigerian designer whose collection showcased casual, everyday wearable clothes which I quite liked as we all know fashion shows can be a bit OTT.

Kiki Kamanu

Kiki is of Nigerian and American heritage and I found her collection very eccentric and fun. 


She is an Ivorian designer whose creative collection, I enjoyed the most. Beautiful, regal pieces in authentic african print, love! 

Alessandro D’Amico

Allesandro is an Italian designer but I sensed some African themes in his designs. Another collection I really enjoyed.

This dress looks like one that Katniss Everdeen, The Girl on Fire (Hunger Games) would wear 🙂


And the last collection is from a Senegalese designer who specializes in lingerie. Her collection was very bold and daring, very “fifty shades of grey” if you like..haha

It was a great three days of fashion and I enjoyed every moment. Did any of the pieces catch your eye?

Peace and Love, 



    • November 16, 2012 / 11:42 pm

      Thank you so much..that's lovely 🙂

  1. November 16, 2012 / 3:58 pm

    Congratulations on being selected to do this…you deserve it!!! The pieces are gorgeous. My fav is the third wedding dress from Kosibah =)

    • November 16, 2012 / 11:43 pm

      Thank you darling and yes Kosibah is the one!

  2. Adaora
    December 4, 2012 / 9:28 pm

    kosibah is definitely THE ONE!

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