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Hello Blog-Friends, 

I haven’t done a perfume review on this blog in a long time simply because I haven’t bought/been gifted any perfumes recently. However, things turned around recently when I went away on holiday and came upon the fragrance that is known as Si by Giorgio Armani! 

Behold the latest Fall 2013 feminine fragrance release from the Casa D’Armani. In the words of the master himself Sir Giorgio… “Sì is my tribute to modern femininity, an irresistible combination of grace, strength and independent spirit.” 

Well, I don’t think he could have captured what exactly Sì is any better. Most perfumes tend to lean towards the fruity or musky side but this perfume is the perfect balance between the two. Very feminine but in a “you-don’t-want-to-mess-with-me” kind of way hence Giorgio’s reference to a strong and independent woman. 

I’m not the best at describing perfume scents i.e base notes, top notes and all that jazz but this immediately brings to mind blackcurrant with a mix of floral scents and warm vanilla. After a few hours when it has dried down, it becomes a musky woody scent whilst still holding on to some of it’s sweetness!

This perfume is going to be BIG for Christmas so I would advise that you pop it right at the top of your list. If you are like me though and have the sticky-paw syndrome then i’ll be here cheering you on whilst you make a dash for the shops- “bricks or clicks” 🙂

It’s worth noting that this perfume is kind of on the pricey side. I didn’t fret it though because it is totally worth every damn dime! I bought it in Dubai for Dhs550 which is approximately $180 and £100 but it was for the 100ml bottle, I say not too bad. 

Now let me tell you one of the disadvantages of the sticky-paw-syndrome previously mentioned- we see, we like, we buy, no thought processing involved! Guess what? This perfume was being sold at Duty Free for a little under Dhs400! Massive savings of around $50 that I could have taken advantage of had I just been a little wiser but hey, it’s all good 🙂 So don’t be like me, you can buy this perfume in Duty Free if you will be travelling anytime soon 🙂 

In summary, Sì by Giorgio Armani: 

Fragrance 1

Packaging 1

Length of Wear 1

Price 0

Therefore it gets a SheLovesTheFinerThings rating of 3/4. 

Will you be trying Sì? What other fragrances have you been loving lately? 

Peace and Love, 



  1. October 14, 2013 / 4:47 pm

    I love this perfume! I did a review of it not too long ago on my blog too! 🙂
    I love how long lasting it is!

    • October 17, 2013 / 4:01 pm

      I know…it's amazinggg 🙂

  2. October 23, 2013 / 10:26 am

    One of the few celebs i trust have good taste and not doing endorsements purely for dosh is Cate Blanchette so I've been intrigued to smell this. You've made it sound like a MUST.

  3. September 16, 2014 / 4:36 am

    My dad bought this for my mum… and I will be getting one for me. It is soo good.

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