Restaurant Review | Izanagi Japanese Restaurant

Happy Easter!

I hope everyone is enjoying the much deserved break and spending time with loved ones.

It’s been a while since i did a restaurant review on here so I decided to do one today. You all know I’m a sushi monster so when I heard about how amazing Izanagi was, I decided to head down there for date night 🙂

I was first really impressed with the ambience. No matter how amazing the food at any restaurant is, if the atmosphere a’int right then it ruins it for me. Izanagi is a Japanese restaurant in a really cute space, heavily influenced by Asian decor pieces. They even have a private room where you get to seat on puffs and a really low table, sooo cool! Oh and the waiters are all kitted out in full regalia…it’s the little details that impress me 🙂    


We ordered the chicken and corn soup to start and it was really delicious! The difference between Chinese and Japanese corn soup is the level of spice, this soup hit all the right African spots…Call me fickle but I also really like the bowl it was served in, made it better..haha



For mains we ordered one of their maki combo platters, i don’t really remember the Japanese name right now :(. The 24-piece combo was a delicious mix of shrimp, tuna and avocado maki, tempura and california rolls. Who else hates limp sushi? Ughh…This one was fresh, crunchy and delicious, made right in front of us by the chef at the sushi bar. It was extremely filling for just 24 pieces between two people,  we were proper stuffed when we were done


NONE! Can you guys believe that I didn’t have dessert??? All things are possible with God, lol! 

Price and Rating

Izanagi is averagely priced, not too high and def not cheap. The damage cost about 22k even without dessert but this was inclusive of drinks. I don;t mind paying good money for food as long as it is amazing, so I really enjoyed this one. This place has definitely gone on my Favourite-Places-to-Eat-in- Lagos list. Here’s how I rate them:

Food- Excellent

Ambience- Very Good

Service- Very Good

Menu Selection- Very Good

Price- Good

Cute treasure chest the bill came in 🙂 

If you’re not big on Sushi, they have a wide selection of Japanese noodles and rice that you can choose from. This is why i rated their menu selection very good. I will definitely be going back to try out other non-sushi things. 

Contact Details

Location: 19b Idejo Street, Victoria Island

Phone: 07062222222 ; 07080070275

Sushi Etiquette

Here’s a fun infographic I found on Izanagi’s Facebook page

I laughed so hard when I read it because as much as I love sushi, i have been doing it ALL wrong! I’m guilty of all most everything you’re not supposed to do- mix wasabi with soy, flop ginger on the sushi etc *face palm* 

Enjoy the rest of your Easter guys! 

Peace and Love, 


P.S See my review of Bonzai here, they also do great sushi


  1. April 21, 2014 / 5:27 pm

    I love restaurant reviews!

    I love sushi but I've never had sushi in Nigeria (actually had a small serving bungalows once and it was just ok)…
    just read your bonzai review as well (Bonzai seems cheaper… is that accurate?)
    22k is a bit steep, guess that depends on how many drinks you had.

    Need to find a fellow sushi lover to try this places, my partner is not a believer. lol

  2. June 5, 2014 / 7:51 am

    Lol, I've been eating sushi all wrong too!!! Ah well, next time I go out for sushi, I'll do it the "proper" way.

    I also think N22k is quite pricey for just 2 people.

  3. December 18, 2014 / 1:04 pm

    I have never tried sushi, maybe soon .late comment.

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