My Guide to Buying Gifts for Men this Christmas….

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As promised, here are my gift suggestions for the leading men in your lives. Shout out to the Hubz for collaborating with me on this one 🙂

Game Console: If your man is into games and still doesn’t have the Sony PS4, now is the time to get it! The last time I was in the US, I almost missed my flight due to a hunt for the PS4, story for another day -_-. So if you decide to get the PS4 you will need to get actual games to go with it. Top games at the moment are Fifa 14, Call of Duty Advanced Warfare and Destiny. You can buy this console and games from Game in the Palms.

Watch: Remember what I said about too many handbags being impossible for women, well for men, that would be watches. A new watch is always guaranteed to have a guy grinning from ear to ear. The Tag Heur Carrera WAS2110.FC6180 is for the grown and sexy gentleman, all black, crocodile skin goodness! Check the Polo Avenue store on Ozumba Mbadiwe, they just might have this or something just as luxurious in stock.

Bespoke Clothing: Now this I think is a tricky one, but the Hubz swears that it will be a winner mainly because of the thought and effort that goes into pulling this off. It would require you stealing taking any old suit or blazer from your guy’s wardrobe and giving it to a designer to make him a new one. It would have to be a really good one to give you the best fabric and cut within a really short timeframe. Hubz’ recommendation is Kimono Kollection who made his wedding suit, the guy is genius!

Perfume: Every man loves his perfume so he will be blown away when he opens up a box of Tom Ford’s Private Blend Collection Set. It contains 6 12ml bottles of some of their signature fragrances, they describe it as “a gift for true scent connoisseurs. Check the Essenza store in the Palms and Ikeja shopping mall for this and other perfume gift options.

Shoes: Every guy needs a classic pair of Gucci loafers in his wardrobe and the Hubz’ current favourite are the Roos horsebit ones. According to him they can be worn with formal, traditional and native looks! Well worth the money, if you ask me. Visit the Polo Avenue store to check for these shoes or if you have access to purchasing from Selfridges and getting them in Nigeria, they have them in stock.

So i hope I have been able to inspire everyone- men and women alike on their gift buying this Christmas. Have fun watching your partners’ faces light up on Christmas morning- best feeling ever!    

If you were not planning on buying a gift, I hope you’ve had a change of mind…*finger wag*

Peace and Love,


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