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You’ve all heard what they say about your makeup being only as good as the tools you apply them with, right? A truer statement has never been made. If you want your makeup to turn out flawless, you have to invest in very good brushes. Unfortunately, a lot of these very good brushes are super expensive (I’m looking at you MAC -_-) making it really difficult to shell out the cash for them. This was until Samantha and Nic Chapman of Pixiwoo released their Real Techniques range of makeup brushes! *cues in angels singing Hallelujah*

Sam and Nic released two brush sets, Core Collection which is a set of face brushes and the Starter Kit- a set of eye brushes. They also recently released a limited edition- Nic’s Picks but this post is reviewing the RT Core Collection Brush Set.

The set comes with four brushes- Buffing, Powder, Foundation and Detailer. They are all made from taklon- an artificial material that is more hygienic for makeup than real hair brushes because they are easier to clean. 

Buffing Brush

The buffing brush is amazing for applying liquid foundation. It’s densely packed with a flattened top so it really works the product into your skin for a flawless finish. My only problem with this brush though is that it gets dirty very easily. After about one week of use, the brush becomes really dirty which results in streaky application, no bueno! So to get the best out of this brush just make sure you wash it regularly.

Detailer Brush

This tiny brush is a multifunctional bad-ass. I use it to apply concealer under my eyebrows, around my lips (to create definition and clean up after applying lipstick), to apply eyeshadow in my inner tear duct area and many other things. If you need a small brush to apply any product in difficult to reach areas, the RT Detailer Brush is it- end of!

Pointed Foundation Brush

Ok, I want to believe that Sam and Nic were taking the piss when they called this a foundation brush…Really girls? The brush is so small that you would probably need an hour to successfully cover your whole face with foundation!

Don’t give up on this brush just yet though, it’s PHENOMENAL for applying concealer under the eyes. #ShoutOut to all my under eye dark circle layydeess! It’s the perfect shape for the under eye area and that pointed tip really gets the product under the lower lashes. There is nothing worse than applying under eye concealer and you forget to cover just below the lash area. I’m not sure if you guys get what I mean but yeah, its horrible. You can completely cover your under eye area to perfection with this brush.

Contour Brush

2014 was the year of contouring and highlighting- I don’t see 2015 being any different. The RT Contour Brush really holds it’s own in the contouring department. It’s perfectly shaped to fit in the hollow of the cheeks for precise product placement. I also find that it blends the product really well if you want a a much softer/less defined contour.

In summary, I think the RT Core Collection are the best value face brushes available on the market right now. Plush, soft to touch and just great at what they do. I find that I have hardly touched my other face brushes since I bought this set almost two years ago. They are still holding up very nicely which is a major plus. (The set pictured in this post is new though,  I repurchased because I love them so!). Other brushes I have and use religiously from the brand are the Powder Brush, Blush Brush and Miracle Complexion Sponge (their version of the Beauty Blender) which are all amazing!

You can buy the RT Core Collection for N5,800 here.

Which makeup brushes are you guys loving at the moment?

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  1. February 3, 2015 / 3:29 pm

    OMG that is soooo value for money! ps could you recommend a starter pack for someone who is experimenting with eyeshadow for the first time? Love your blog!

  2. February 17, 2015 / 10:46 am

    My favourite… and yes we stock them too 🙂 P.S I really need to send you the flushed blush. will send u an email in a bit. Cheers

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