Lash Extensions at The Lash Lounge and Giveaway

I have always been content with my almost bald eyelids. Never been one to bother wearing falsies- I can actually count how many times I have worn them in my life and that is 5. I’ve been quite curious about semi-permanent lash extensions though because they give you beautiful wispy lashes without the stress of gluing and stripping them off everyday.

So it was perfect timing when Sheun of the Lash Lounge reached out to me about her eyelash extension service that she provides in VI, Lagos. The company says- “The Lash Lounge specializes in individual semi permanent eyelash extensions. The process involves individual silk/mink eyelash extensions being applied one by one to the clients natural lashes to create beautiful, fuller and natural looking lashes.”  I was pretty excited to try this out so I headed over there on a fine Saturday morning…

Before and After

The appointment started off with Sheun sharing a lot of useful information on how the procedure would go, after care and general maintenance. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about what she does so this helped to put me at ease because I started to freak out when she told me it would take 2 hours! 2 hours of keeping my eyes closed and lying down! 

A few lash varieties available

She advised that I get the C-curl lashes because they are the most natural looking. I’m not quite ready to go from 0 to a 100, real quick.. *cues in Drake*…So I got on the bed, shut my eyes, had them taped down and let Sheun do her thing. The time went by pretty fast to be honest because she had classic Amy Winehouse playing in the background. Towards the last 30mins though, I got tired of staring at the insides of my eyelids and became restless…Overall though, it was a very easy and painless procedure. Just some discomfort at certain times but I really am just a big baby, if you know me you would know everything hurts.. 🙂

Eyes Wide Shut


I was very pleased with the results, the lashes are very beautiful-they gave my face an instant lift. For some reason, I thought they would be heavy but they are pretty weightless. Sheun advises that the lashes should be refilled every 21 days to keep them looking in top shape. She also advised that the eye area should be washed with something gentle like baby shampoo not with anything oil based as this will cause the glue to shift and dislodge the lash extensions. She said you can wash your eye area normally without the fear of them falling off if using the right product. She also prohibits mascara on the lashes, very strictly!


She was very kind to offer me this service complimentary and I really appreciate it- Thank you Sheun! 

Full lash set- N15,000

Refill- N7,500

Contact Details 


Phone Number: 08142358965

BBM Pin: 530C4D70

Instagram: @thelashloungeng

Giveaway and Discount Code

Excellent  News!!! The Lash Lounge is offering ONE lucky SLTFT reader a full eyelash extension service absolutely free! 

Giveaway Rules

  • The giveaway is open for 4 days. A winner will be announced on Instagram on Friday 13th March at 12 noon
  • Leave a comment below stating why you should be picked as a winner
  • Follow @shelovesthefinerthings and @thelashloungeng on Instagram
  • Save/Take a screenshot of the below image and post it it on Instagram with the hashtag #SLTFTxTheLashLoungeGiveaway

Only one person will win the giveaway but all SLTFT readers get a 20% discount on either full lash sets or refills, yayyy!!! Just mention shelovesthefinerthings when you call to book an appointment to claim your discount…I feel like Oprah today, you get one, you get one, everybody gets one! LOL! 

I’ve read mixed reviews on semi-permanent lash extensions so I’m keen to see how I get on with them but I must say that the few days I have had them in, I’m loving them!  I will update this post in a few weeks, so look out… 🙂 

Have any of you ladies got eyelash extensions? Any tips on getting the most out of them? 

Peace and Love, 



  1. March 10, 2015 / 10:07 am

    Pick me! My lashes are practically nonexistent. I think lashes frame the face and makes any facebeat look effortlessly better.

    I have tried to wear strip lashes but those things aren't for me cos my lashes are annoyingly curly. I have a strong feeling i'll be treating myself to this one way or the other.

  2. March 28, 2015 / 9:11 pm

    I'd really love to try this, i hate fixing falsies.
    Just discovered your blog, now following. Please follow back

  3. September 26, 2015 / 8:00 am

    I was looking for the lash lounge details and found this post. Can't wait to get my done – your post answered all my concerns! Thanks

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