Restaurant Review | Sakura Japanese Restaurant

Haven’t done one of these in a long time, not because I have not been eating (trust me, my love for food knows no bounds) but I just never remember to take pictures. I did this time though when we had date night at Sakura the other day…

Sakura is a Japanese restaurant that opened up a few months back in Lagos. I discovered this place thanks to the awesome pair behind EatDrinkLagos…if any of you happens to be reading this, I LOVE YOUR BLOG!

Anyhoos, we headed down there for one thing, the hibachi grill experience that the guys over at EatDrinkLagos blogged about. Basically, you get to watch your dinner being prepared right infront of you by the chef and it is done with a lot of pomp, pageantry and theatrics. We were really excited about this but got there to meet disappointment, the room was not available! Someone had reserved it for their birthday..damn you someone! haha.. We didn’t let that get to us too much though and settled into the main restaurant which had a nice look and feel.

Ordered sushi to start because sushi is bae…daz all! Honestly, my husband and I are on a mission to try all the sushi this world can offer. Funny enough, the best sushi we had was from a random corner store on  Chancery Lane in London, life-changing I tell you..

The sushi here was pretty close to life changing, it was really really delicious- fresh, tasty and just awesome! We ordered the spicy salmon, shrimp tempura and the crispy shrimp, just delicious!

After the starter, we sat waiting on our mains for a really long time until the waiter came and asked us if we wanted the bill O_O…Apparently dude did not remember that we placed an order for mains…I was so lividdddd, indeed a hungry man is an angry man. After what seemed like forever, our food finally came out…

We ordered from the hibachi even if we couldn’t sit in the room..booo! I had the Sakura Delight (Chicken and Prawns) and the Hubz had the Devil’s Seafood. Both orders came with Miso Soup, Salad, Vegetablse, Fried Rice and Green Tea…

Devil’s Seafood

Sakura Delight

To be honest, when I saw my meal, I was underwhelmed…It just looked ordinary! I’m not sure what I was expecting but this was nothing close in terms of appearance. I was seriously jealous of how good the Devil’s seafood looked but I faced my own plate..Lol..

It was nice but nothing I would write to my grandmother in the village to tell her about…that’s how I felt about this meal. Me being the greedy person that I am, of course I helped myself to a couple of forks of his food and that was super delicious! More feelings of regret about my order..

Surprisingly, because of the hitch with our order, we were given a banana split on the house as dessert. The owner and his son also came to our table and apologized profusely. Such behavior is not common in these parts so we really, really appreciated the gesture.

Green Tea

The Hibachi Room that we didn’t sit in -_-


Spicy Salmon- N1600

Shrimp Tempura- N1400

Crispy Shrimp- N2000

Sakura Delight- N7800

Devil’s Seafood- N8500

Contact Details

2a Saka Jojo Street, VI, Lagos
+234 909 0409363,+23409033952852

It was overall a nice time out and we will definitely be going back to Sakura for the sushi and to try other things on the menu….will make sure to call in advance to check the availability of the Hibach room though!

Have you guys been to Sakura? What did you think? 

Peace and Love, 



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