Review | YSL Beauty Black Opium Perfume

YSL Beauty is in Nigeria guys! All these luxurious brands now know that Africa. specifically Nigeria is where the money’s at so they are all crossing several oceans to come to us! I’m loving it but my bank account isn’t…

Anyhoo, when it comes to perfumes, I’m not a very adventurous person. Over the years, I have identified firm favorites and stuck to them. Chanel Chance, Chanel Coco Noir, Armani Si  and Calvin Klein Euphoria are constantly on rotation in my perfume caddy.

I recently got Black Opium (and other YSL Beauty goodies, reviews soon) though and I have been wearing it everyday for the past two weeks just so I can properly review it for you guys.

Origin: Black Opium was released towards the end of 2014 as the “darker” more “rock and roll” version of the classic Opium perfume.

Packaging: Love it! Sexy, Dark, Sequinned just BOSS! I really love this bottle, it has upgraded the looks of my perfume rack for sure…

Fragrance: Given the word “Black” in its name, I expected this perfume to be really dark, woody and oud-like if you know what I mean. I was really surprised on getting the first whiff- it smelt really sweet! On initial spray you get strong hints of coffee before the vanilla fragrance starts coming through. I am a sweet perfume girl so I really love Black Opium, right up my street. If you are an oud lover though you will be disappointed- don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Longevity: For some reason this perfume doesn’t last very long on my skin. I think it is unique to me because I actually googled reviews and no one seems to have that problem :/ I  mean barely 4 hours in and it’s there but not really there. The scent becomes quite muted, almost body spritzy….In comparison to another brand say Chanel, I would say that Black Opium is lacking in the longevity department…Coco stays on strong all damn day! My friend once told me that Chance gives her a bad headache every time she smells it and I don’t blame her..LOL.

Where to Buy

Black Opium along with a wide range of YSL Beauty products can be bought exclusively at all Essenza stores nationwide!

To wrap up, Black Opium is a lovely and unique scent. I don’t think it smells like anything that’s already out (This is a really common with perfume makers- they be reiterating the same scents and branding them differently -_-).  If you are looking to try a new perfume, definitely check this one out.

Have any of you tried Black Opium? Thoughts?

Peace and Love,



  1. October 9, 2015 / 3:15 pm

    It's not just you my dear .. i sprayed it on my wrist yesterday at the store and barely an hour or 2 in , the scent had faded.. But i still think i will invest in it 🙂

  2. October 19, 2015 / 11:32 pm

    U shld try Estee Lauders modern muse chic. It stays on and its lovely…u will not turn back.

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