What In The World is Texlaxing?

This is the PG-13 version of the response I get from people every time I tell them that my hair is texlaxed! I didn’t realize that save for those of us in the Healthy Hair Journey (HHJ) crazed cult, not many people have even heard about the term texlaxing so I decided to do a post on it.

What is Texlaxing?

Let’s start with what it’s NOT- It is not the same thing as texturizing. Texturizing aims to loosen the natural curl pattern of your hair using a specific product called a texturizer. Texlaxing is different because you are using a relaxer which removes the curl pattern of the hair completely. 

With texlaxing though, you are deliberately under-processing your hair with the relaxer. This is achieved in two ways:

  • Adding oils to the relaxer to reduce it’s processing strength before applying it to the hair
  • Coating the length of the hair with oils to protect it from over processing before applying the relaxer

Other unique things about texlaxing is that the relaxer is ONLY applied to the new growth and it is never combed through as is the usual practice with relaxing. Most importantly, the relaxer is washed out immediately after application, none of that sitting and waiting for your hair to FRY….literally! 

Why bother Texlaxing? 

I see texlaxed hair as the happy middle ground between full natural and relaxed hair. It’s like having the best of both worlds. Let me explain….You see with full relaxing, your hair usually turns out flat, limp and lifeless and I realized that that was not a good look for me. I know some people love the flat look, please do what works for you. 

With texlaxing, your hair is straightened but only to the point where it still has texture and body- I really love how my hair comes out after I texlax!

If you already have nice and thick hair then maybe you don’t need to bother exploring texlaxing as a option but if you have fine hair you might want to consider. I’m wiping a tear as I type this because I used to rep #TeamThickHair for the longest time until I noticed last year that my hair started thinning out and losing body. In that moment, I considered going fully natural but chickened out after a 7 month long stretch, lol. I have found my happy place with texlaxing and my hair seems to be improving slowly but surely. 

What’s not so great about Texlaxing? 

Texlaxing is not all rainbows and daisies, it does take a bit of commitment to manage. First of, because your hair has more texture, it takes a bit more work to make it look presentable and tidy, similar to fully natural hair. There’s also the strain of managing three textures- new growth, texlaxed hair and the remaining fully relaxed hair you have. This can make manipulating the hair nightmarish but all it takes is patience and the right tools. I don’t comb my hair too frequently and when I do, I only ever use a wide toothed come. On other days, I just use a paddle brush to lay down my edges. 

The other annoying thing about texlaxed hair is that you never get to see the true length of your hair because it’s not fully straight. The first time I texlaxed my hair, I was thoroughly disappointed in my length because after 7 months of stretching, I was expecting my hair to be at Bra-Strap length! 🙁 I got over it though, texlaxing is ultimately more about the health of the hair than length. 

Left is fully Relaxed and Right is my first Texlax

Maintaining Texlaxed Hair

It is not easy, there have been times when I have thought, ” Sod it! I’m getting a full on brain frying relaxer”, but Jesus intervened, lol. Here are a few tips to get you through the rough times: 

  • Moisturizing products have become my best friends. Since I started texlaxing, my hair gets dry really easily. I moisturize and seal every other day and deep condition with heat every week, you need to keep your hair constantly moisturized
  • I keep my stretch between 14-16 weeks. When I was fully relaxed, my stretches were between 20-24 weeks but I realized that with texlaxed hair, that is potentially damaging. Because your hair has more texture, you can no longer afford the luxury of super long stretches if not you will be dealing with serious breakage. ( P.S. A stretch is the period of time between your relaxer touch ups) 
  • Protective styling is everything. I feel like texlaxed hair requires protective styling even more than natural hair. The varying textures in your hair make it difficult to manipulate so you should just avoid manipulating it as much as possible. I have my hair in a bun 90% of the time to help protect it from getting snagged by my clothes. In between touch-ups, I also rock wigs to keep my hair nice and safe.On occasion, I wear braids my but always carefully avoiding my edges and never for more than a month 

:The texture is the best part 🙂 

Where can I get a Texlax?

It’s no news that the number of Nigerian salons that actually know what they are doing when it comes to natural hair (i.e. hair that grows out of your head) is DANGEROUSLY LOW. Most salons specialize in doing every single thing you are not supposed to do when managing black hair! It’s no wonder that a lot of us experience stunted growth, but that’s a story for another day -_-. 

I have gotten a texlax in two different salons in Lagos and the results were amazing both times so I highly recommend them. 

Savvy & Chic- 30 Norman Williams, Ikoyi

Oreola Silk- 42B Fola Osibo Street, Lekki Phase 1

I hope you guys found this post useful. Let me know if you want me to blog more about my Healthy Hair Journey! Oh and if you are a texlaxed sister, please share maintenance tips 🙂

Peace and Love, 


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  1. November 16, 2015 / 10:07 am

    I started my relaxed hhj last year. It's been so weird cos most person's on hhj are natural girls. But I found a few relaxed/texlaxed peeps, and I was excited. I usually do a 12 – 14 week stretch. Because at that point, it becomes unmanageable. I started texlaxing late last year and all your observations are right. You never really get to see how long your hair is. I want you to blog more about this tho. I looove reading your blog.
    P.S: Check out Prettywitty77 on Youtube. She's texlaxed with waist length hair. She has amazing tips.

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