5 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Your Special Lady

This one is for the fellas…The fellas…

I know that a lot of guys struggle when it comes to buying gifts for the leading women in their lives so I’m here to help! I have picked 5 lovely gift options and linked the respective Instagram account.I  know that there aren’t that many guys who read this blog so spread the knowledge ladies! Share this post far and wide within your male networks…haha

NOTE: This list is curated based on my preferences so it might not work for everyone, use with caution 🙂


I loooooveeeee flowers! Can I say it again? I love love love flowers! They are so beautiful and dainty and fresh and colorful and  just…*sigh* I think I might be right in saying that a fair percentage of Nigerian women love flowers too so this might be a good way to go. 

My flower shop of choice is a little shop inside Delis on Akin Adesola. It’s owned by a lovely lady called Malaika who is sure to help you pick the best bunch even if you haven’t the foggiest about flowers. Her number is 08180591836, tell her I sent you 🙂 

@araliabynature also has lovely flowers so you can check her out too. 

Recommendation: I’m a big orchid lover! Not only are they so pretty but with tender love and care, they last for about six weeks unlike a bouquet of roses or lilies or other flowers which do 7 days at best. 


It goes without saying that i’m a fan of skincare yanah but again many ladies will appreciate a gift that includes a number of skincare items. Now, Valentine’s day is not the time to invest in buying your girl a night cream or cleanser that might not even suit her skin type so let’s keep it to more general skincare like body oils, soaps, the like. 

One of my absolute favorite brands as some of you know very well is @RandRLuxury. They have a number of exciting gift packages going on this season so you’ll have a variety of options. 

Credit: @randrluxury Instagram

Recommendation:  Get their Shea Oil (BEST),  Liquid Black Soap, Scented Candle, any other thing you choose and put them all in one of the cute gift boxes that they also have in stock. You can also get this lovely package that R&R created in partnership with a baker that includes a candle, flowers and macaroons


This one is right up everyone’s alley- man or woman. Now I’m not the biggest fan of going out to dinner on Valentine’s day because- overpriced and sub-standard food, crowded restaurants and just the general cheesiness in the atmosphere, lol. But if you do want to go to dinner, RSVP on Eletu Ogabi in VI and Sky Lounge in Eko Hotel are great choices for a special evening out.

Credit: @rsvplagos Instagram

Recommendation: You and your partner can cook a 3-course meal together and dine fine style at home.We have been doing that for the last 5 years and it gets better every year. If you are out to JUST chill though, you can treat your SO to a private chef dinner. I came across @reddishchronicles on Instagram and they have over 20 chefs available to be booked on the 14th with a rather scrumptious looking menu. I personally haven’t tried them but could be worth checking out…


Because she loves the finer things…trust me bruv. Research into your girl’s favorite designer and you can choose from a plethora of items to gift her. Bracelets, Rings, Handbags, Shoes, Sunglasses…the world really is your oyster. 

Recommendation: @thepoloavenue is your one stop authentic designer goods shop in Lagos. They have everything you would want and more at really decent prices i.e same as you would get anywhere overseas. They stock Les Petits Joueurs and the “Love” bag will be a cheesy but lovely gift to buy for your partner <3 


Cake is always a good idea and there’s no better time to give out one than during Valentine’s. Cupcakes are the new wave though and @hansandrene is the place to go! They have some amazing looking cakes for this season so hurry on down to Radisson Blu/Ikeja City Mall/The Palms and order a box or two for your loved one. 

Credit: @hansandrene Instagram

Recommendation:  H&R’s emoji cupcake box is bound to have your lover smiling from ear to ear…so so cute and guaranteed to be delicious! 

There you go guys…I hope you managed to get some inspiration from this post. Feel free to combine one, two or even three of the ideas for that special lady…

Love and Love, 


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