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Happy New Month! Pardon my cliche Nigerian ways but I really do wish you happiness this month! 🙂

Yesterday I finally had the chance to go check out the new “IT” restaurant in Lagos, Casper & Gambinis and decided to share my experience here, 1) because I haven’t done a restaurant review in a while and 2) Valentine’s day is around the corner so I’m hoping the information will be super useful to you guys right now.

First impressions- the space is lovely… Very modern, spacious, relaxed atmosphere, it drew me in almost instantly.

On the service…it was spectacular, from the moment we walked in till when we walked out. All the staff were friendly and so courteous. It was just a little bit OTT because the waiter kept coming to pick up stuff on the table like tissue as soon as we dropped it!

Now to the crux of the matter…the food…

I requested a Daiquiri despite it not being listed on the menu and surprise surprise, the bar man was able to make it. They did not have strawberries so he mad me a “red berry” one and it was awesome. Seriously this is one of the better cocktails I have had in Lagos. It’s right up there with RSVP and Rhapsody’s. The husband ordered a Mojito that he ended up not feeling that much…

To start, I ordered the chicken tenders which came with a garlic sauce and they were OK. Like, nothing special about them. They could have done with some more seasoning. I have had better tasting chicken tenders at Road Chef. 

My husband got the Chicken Noodle Soup (forgot to take a picture X_X) and it was nice but more like noodles in a curry sauce…not very soup-y. 

For my main meal, I ordered “Chicken Under A Brick” which is arguably their most popular meal.

Again it was average. I mean the chicken was tender which is always a good thing but it was seriously lacking in seasoning. I had to constantly douse each bite in the gravy it came with. The roast potatoes and veggies that came with the meal also just tasted bland…I don’t know, man. 

Husband had the Chicken Tikka meal which was a decent attempt at Indian. We are both BIG fans of Indian cuisine so we weren’t really blown by this. Spice Route and Churrascos (surprisingly) offer far more tastier options

I think we were so underwhelmed at the end of the meal that we couldn’t be bothered to order dessert. We honestly were done for that day. 

Price wise, it was average…everything we had cost us around 17k. 

I think that AVERAGE was really the recurring theme for us at Casper & Gambinis. The cocktail; was the real star of the day. Makes me wonder what exactly is fueling the current hype about the place? 

I’m definitely going back to try one or two other things though before I make final, final conclusions about this place. I’ll update this post if I feel any different. 

Have you guys been to Casper & Gambinis? What did you have and what did you think? 

Have a great week! 


Address: 1089 Agoro Odiyan Street., Victoria Island, Lagos. 


  1. February 1, 2016 / 3:34 pm

    Went there on friday last week. Started at the bar alone–love the chairs and the bar space. Anytime you go, request for Vandy to make your drinks—dude hooked me up with a few things off the menu.

    I ended up being joined by a group of about eight and we moved to a larger seating area. We then ordered a wide variety of dishes, but everything was lacking the required "oompf" based on hype and pricing. Yewizzy, bland is the precise term as you stated. Even the drinks menu and liquor available needs further expansion. How can Sakura have a more extended bar than you?

    We ended up guzzling three bottles of Glenfidditch 15. They even had to go escape to "purchase" because they ran out!! You know there's a problem when no one wants to really experiment with the cocktail menu available, because Casper's doesn't have the materials to make what they are offering.

    I believe C&G's location, decor, and lounge music make it very appealing to compared to many places available to us. However, if the menu isn't spruced up soon and food made to taste better to reflect pricing (bloody $$ rates), it may go the way of its predecessor, Cafe Vanessa, to the doldrums of Lagos' culinary infamy.

    For Valentine's, I would rather go to Avenue suites as it has every thing any man wishing to make an impress his significant other would want.

    Meal-wise, Casa Lydia and Primi Piatti (under Chef Reme's) tutelage remain my best culinary experiences in my stay in Lagos.

  2. February 2, 2016 / 5:58 am

    Uh oh. I wasn't expecting that – the underwhelming food.

    Well, at least you know you want to try it again a couple more times to make a final decision.

    Berry Dakara Blog

  3. February 3, 2016 / 9:17 am

    That did not sound so interesting… not been here to put a proper review on the blog but I've ordered a salad as take-out before and it was so yummy but the pricing isn't realistic as it costs N4,200 (in line with K-J-A's comment about $ and all that). But typically when any place opens in Lagos, there is always hype LOL

    Still looking forward to sharing my experience on this place.

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