Review | 5 Hot Beauty Products by Guerlain

Guerlain is a luxury French brand known primarily for its perfumes but in more recent times has started getting really popular for skincare and makeup. I’ve been meaning to try something from the brand for a while now but the term luxury is not used loosely, any one of these babies will set you back a pretty penny. But are they worth the hype? 

Terracotta Bronzing Powder in 07

Guerlain actually refers to this powder as one of their makeup “icons” and for very good reason I have to say. It’s the perfect contour shade for women in the range of my skin tone which makes for a good number of African/African American women. If you are much lighter or darker than me go a shade up and down respectively.

The 07 shade is warm enough to bring enough definition to the face whilst still looking natural. Some contouring products do tend to make you look like you slathered mud in the hollows of your cheeks and your temples but not this one.

Wearing Terracotta in this look I wore on Valentine’s Day

I think the light, velvety formula plays a big part in making this product such an “icon” because it makes it very easy to blend. Another plus is the soft gold/coppery shimmer running through the powder which is always a winner because it gives the face that nice and natural glow. Safe to say that my Cover Girl Ebony Bronzer has been on recess for a while now and the Terracotta is my new fave!

Rouge Automatique Lipstick  in 121

Just look at this beauty! Im a sucker for pretty packaging and this one totally got me. I love how it’s gold and sleek and you literally just slide it up to get the lipstick out and slide back down when you’re done, simple!

The Rouge Automatique lipstick range however is not very much to my liking because my preference when it comes to lipstick is a matte finish. This lipstick is very moisturising and shiny similar to Mac’s Satin formula so if you like that you will definitely like this. I can’t fault the quality though, its great and you can tell once you put it on your lips, it glides on really easily.

Shade 121 is a bright red shade that should suit varying complexions. However, as is expected of moisturising lipsticks, the staying power is not that great. You would need to reapplyafter about three hours to avoid the dreaded “lip line”, you know when the middle of your lipstick wipes off and all that’s left is the line around your mouth? Worst! 

Secret De Purete Gentle Polishing Exfoliator 

Exfoliation is a very important step in my skincare routine because every now and again you have to rid your face of dead skin cells to allow for fresh, new skin cells. You need to exfoliate with caution though because most exfoliating products are strong and overdoing it could hurt your skin and lead to scarring.

That’s where this Guerlain Polishing Exfoliator is different. It is so gentle that the company actually recommends using it 3 to 4 times a week which shocked me when I first read the packaging. I wondered who in the world would recommend scrubbing off dead skin more than once a week until I tried it out.

The exfoliating beads in this product are really small so you hardly even feel it when rubbing it into your skin. If you have really sensitive skin then this work really well as an exfoliator for you. I liked using it but it didn’t give me the deep exfoliation I usually require. My skin felt surprisingly smooth after though so I will probably use this for mini-exfoliation during the week in addition to my once a week deep exfoliation. 

L’or Radiance Concentrate with Pure Gold

The L’or Radiance Concentrate is a gel formula that is meant to be used as a serum or a primer. It contains gold speck which Guerlain claims are pure 24-karat gold making it one of its most sought after products. It doesn’t impress me much though because despite the current hype with gold infused skincare products, there are no known facts that prove the benefits of applying gold to your skin. Actually, some beauty experts have been known to speak against it. I’m neither for nor against but just putting it out there that the 24-karat claim doesn’t get me…nice try Guerlain.

It’s great as a makeup base though, super moisturising for the face and it does smooth and fill lines and pores making foundation application much easier and smother. But there a dozen other great primers out there that cost only a fraction of the price of L’or so I wouldn’t say it is worth it. However, if you’re not feeling the current economic strife and would like to treat yourself, feel free to purchase this base, the gold particles do add a little extra glow…2016 is the year of the glow anyway! 

 Nail Polish in 003

003 is a pretty red shade with a nice formula- easy to apply and quick drying. That’s basically all there is to say about a good nail polish Oh and also the fact that I’m on my 4th day of wear and it still hasn’t chipped! 

Where to Buy

Guerlain is stocked exclusively in Essenza but only in the Ikeja City Mall one, not the other branches. It is also available at the Essenza in Grand Square Mall in Abuja. 

A lot of their products are within the $50 to $100 range so if I could recommend just one product from Guerlain, it would be the Terracotta bronzer, it is totally worth the money. Get on it girls! 

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  1. February 24, 2016 / 1:10 pm

    I love France and all things French. Terracota has been on my wishlist for the longest time. Will definitely be getting it now.

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    Finally Mrs. Thorpe is back! 👊💃🏻….

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