Korean Beauty Review | Introducing Dr Jart

A big part of my experience here in Hong Kong is discovering the hidden gem that is Korean Beauty aka KBeauty. In the last few years, the whole world has clocked that Asians have that ever radiant, ever young game on lock down so KBeauty products have been all the rave from America to the UK. One of the many reasons I took this work assignment, shallow as it may seem was because I could get unlimited access to these gems at pump price. 

Over the course of my time here, I will be buying and trying things (because Guinea Pig) and sharing them with you. Today I’m introducing a brand called Dr Jart. 

Dr Jart is a Korean skincare brand that was founded early 2000s by a seasoned dermatologist and his entrepreneur friend. Remember when the BB cream craze was running? It was because of this brand! They were one of the first to launch an extremely successful BB cream line, it was their claim to fame. Since then they started thier own skincare product range and have been releasing new ranges year on year.

Time Returning Serum

With advanced snail secretion filtrate, yup you read that right. I have been putting snail slime on my face. But for good reason, there have been studies that prove that snail secretion possesses very strong anti-acing properties by restoring moisture and elasticity to the skin. This product has 77% of snail secretion (called mucin) so it is highly concentrated meaning even better results!

As 30 is fast approaching, I have started to know some little pesky lines on my face by name, In the last one year, I have been into anti ageing skincare. The sooner you attack the very early signs of ageing, the better, at least in my opinion. My friends think I’m crazy but they will get on this train very soon, trust me. .

Dr Jart advises that you use this serum after cleansing, before moisturizer, morning and night. I have only been using it in the morning though because I have a night serum. Still, I have started seeing results, in under one month of using it. I shit you not because I have never had a reason to but seriously this stuff is amazing.My skin loves it and maybe it is just my head but some of the lines in my forehead and around my mouth seem to be fading! An added plus is how moisturizing it is, it takes any regular moisturizer you put on after and cranks it up several notches for sure.

V7 Radiance Toner

Think of this as the Korean version of the Pixi Glow Tonic with its lofty promises of giving you radiant, glowy skin. The V7 range is made up of 7 different vitamins which are all geared at improving your skin tone and giving you the much coveted “glow”.

Vitamin A – anti-wrinkle; enhance skin turnover / rejuvenation

Vitamin B3 – brightening

Vitamin B5 – anti-inflamatory

Vitamin C- brightening; skin rejuvenation

Vitamin E – anti-oxidant

Vitamin F – moisturizing, soothing

Vitamin H – anti-inflammatory; preventing skin trouble

I probably need to use this toner for much longer before I see any visible change in terms of improving dark spots and some areas of pigmentation that I have. However, I’ve been using it every night and I really like it as just a toner, it’s gentle and soothing. I use my toner right after I have cleansed my face to take off the last traces of makeup and close my pores. 

V7 Cleansing Foam

I have also been using the cleanser from the V7 range and my face loves it. Very gentle but effective. That’s really all you need in a cleanser. 

It can be a little drying though so if you have dry skin, maybe this isn’t for you. 

Dermaclear Transform Clay Trio

Dermaclear is another one of the ranges from Dr Jart with the products all geared towards deep cleansing. These transfoam clay masks are the TRUTH! It is an excellent clay mask that deeply cleanses the skin without drying it out at all. How come? Because this beauty transforms to a cleanser once you add water! Leave it on for 10-15 mins to dry up, rinse with warm water while it “transfoams” into a gentle cleanser,. Love it! The benefit of this is you have extra cleansed skin that’s not dried out as clay masks tend to leave your skin. It’s gentle enough to use everyday which is another bonus but I tend to use mine at most three times a week. 

The Dermaclear mask comes in three different colors- Calming White, Moisturizing Pink and Refreshing Green. The White gives the deepest cleanse of the 3 and the Green is the most soothing, feels like a mint mask kind of. 

Just in case you still can’t tell where I stand with Dr Jart after reading this review, two words- LOVE IT! My African skin agrees with this Korean brand, I have had no negative reactions at all.  All I see is a general improvement of my skin overall.  

Based on these products I have tried, Dr Jart gets a big, fat tick from me #SLTFTRecommends

Will be looking to try some other things from this brand. 

Where to Buy

If you are not in Asia, never fear- Dr Jart is stocked by Boots in London and Sephora in the US. If you are in Nigeria, check Amazon, they have a couple of products there as well. 

Peace & Love, 



  1. March 24, 2016 / 1:02 pm

    Have you tried their hydrating mask? Pls try Erborian Solid Cleansing Oil ..it knocked Emma Hardie off my top spot. I abolutely love KBeauty and their 10 step works. Next on my list is SKII but will probably buy the dupe first. I'm sure you already follow Sokoglam on instagram….Enjoy HK!!!

  2. March 24, 2016 / 1:15 pm

    Please test sheet masks for us too!!I have tried the Too Cool for School but there may be others since you are "at the source" LOL

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