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Before now, I had only ever tried one product from Black Up, The Mattifying Fluid Foundation (review here) and I didn’t get on very well with it. Majorly because of a wrong shade match more than anything else. I had planned to try more products from this brand because so many people I know rave about their products. Luck smiled on me though when Black Up sent me a HUGE load of products to review on the blog. Quick shout out to all the companies, big and small for your generosity, it is very much appreciated. 

I have been trying out these products for about two months now so I think it’s fitting to share some quick thoughts on them..My aim is to keep reviews on this blog quick and to the point..

Two Way Cake in NW11 

Price- N8,300

This is basically Black Up’s version of Mac’s Studio Fix being a foundation and powder in one but even better. I stopped using Studio Fix years ago because it just had the tendency of giving major cake face which is never good.

This one however provides light coverage and mattifies without being cakey, it has a very natural finish. Like Mac.s MSF with a little bit more coverage.

I have been wearing it on days when I’m either too late or can’t be bothered to work with liquid foundation which is most work days. Powder foundations are much easier to work with when you’re in a hurry but would rather not work around stark naked on the face. 

Black up suggests that the Two Way Cake can provide more coverage if applied with a damp sponge such as the beauty blender but I haven’t tried that though. I just dust on with my powder brush.

Two Way Cake in TW11

I don’t know how they guessed my shade but TW11 works very well with my skin tone. For reference I am a Mac NC50, so this shade will probably suit you if you are same or similar.

Blush in 05 

I’m not very experimental when it comes to blushes, between Mac & Sleek, I’ve got all my Blush needs covered but this Black Up blush has become one of my favourites. 05 is a natural peachy shade that works very well for everyday looks. When you just want a subtle hint of colour on your cheeks without doing the most, this works really well.

Formular is silky smooth and the colour pay off is great, ticks all the right boxes when it comes to selecting a good blush. I’m interested in trying out more shades from Black Up, says a lot..

Contouring Stick in 03

Price- N8,550

The much raved about contouring stick had been high on my makeup lust list for quite a while and it does live up to the hype. I have been using this to contour ever since I got it, that’s how much I love it.

The contour stick has a dark shade for contouring and a much lighter shade for highlighting and they both work great. Formula is creamy and therefore easy to blend and it is a perfect shade match for me.

When I use the contour side, I set it with a powder contour and the one I use is Guerlain’s Terracotta powder (review here) and they work perfectly well together. The highlighter doesn’t offer coverage for under eye circles though because it wasn’t designed too.  I still use my concealer first before using this as to highlight under my eyes, bridge of my nose, cupids bow etc and then set with loose powder.

Radiance Concealer in 03 and 04

These are the proper concealers in the range that offer coverage of dark circles and any blemishes. These provide decent coverage, not the best I have used though because of it’s slightly liquid consistency but workable.

Perfect Eyebrows in 03 

I get what Black Up was going for with this products, an eyebrow definer that isn’t as harsh as pencils but still sculpts the brows perfectly. Unfortunately, this did not work for me at all. firstly, it was difficult to get a cooler pay off as you can see from the picture below. In my slight aggression to get the colour to show up on the back of my hand, I think I caused the pencil to break, making it useless  🙁

It refused to show up opaque and felt really drying to the skin

Waterproof Smoky Khol Pencil in KS04 

Price- N3, 750

I had way better luck with this pencil, applied smoothly with good pigmentation. However, I can’t attest to it;s waterproof abilities because I haven’t had a reason to wear green eyeliner, yet! Apparently these double hat as eyeshadows too and I can see how because of the nice formula. Will update this post when I do try it as an eyeshadow. I think this would be pretty dope in black by the way.

Volumizing Lengthening Mascara in Blue

Blue mascara is a thing just not my thing. I tend to go for neutrals for my eye makeup and bring the heat with my lipstick. I tried it (no pictures, sorry!) and this actually offered a reasonable degree of lengthening to my lashes, with no clumping. I was pleasantly surprised so I plan on getting the black. When you have non-existent lashes like mine, you buy every mascara that has a chance of working.

5 Color Eyeshadow in 02 

Price- N9,350

Can you guess which shades I have been using the most in this palette? 🙂 I’m sure you guessed right by saying the matte brown, the shimmery light gold and the shimmery copper.

This eyeshadow palette is ok, it’s not life changing. Colour pay off could be better but it had zero fall out and lasted a good amount of time without fading which is a major plus.

The lightest shade is almost my skin tone so was very hard to get it to show up but it is perfect as a transition colour for me giving off a natural and blended finish to my eyeshadow. 

Also very handy that the palette comes with a little book with shadow placement ideas just incase your creative juices aren’t flowing at the time you pick it up.

Lipstick in M15 

Price- N4,000

You can never have too many red lipsticks, at least I can’t, and this one by black Up has I have happily added to my collection. It is a warm toned red which is more suitable if you wanted to wear it during the day as opposed to a much brighter red.

It has a great texture and applies really easily but because of it’s satin texture, doesn’t last as long as a matter lipstick would. If you don’t mind topping up your lipstick during the day and like your lipsticks with a bit of sheen then you would like this, it’s a gorgeous red .

Perfect Nude Lip Balm in 2 

Price- N5,750

Where my glossy girls at? Where they at, Where they at? The name is pretty self explanatory , is literally the perfect nude lip balm. It has both the power of a very moisturising lip balm but the colour of nice nude gloss. The formula is great, not sticky at all which is the major problem I have with a lot of lip glosses. Frustrates me having to deal with a sticky mess on my lips and the annoying white lines that came with the sickness so I tend to avoid them all together.

I’ve worn this on it’s own a few times I din’t feel like wearing lipstick and it worked well. A slight hint of colour plus moisture, bingo! I really like this balm and it smells like butterscotch sweets, yum! If you are looking for an everyday balm to wear on it’s own or a gloss for your matter nude lipsticks, highly recommend this.

Neon Kiss Set

This set comes with 3 flavoured lip gloss and 1 two-in-one lip pencil. The pencil is two in one in that it can work as both a liner and a lipstick.

I think black Up does it right when it comes to lip glosses. These were also moisturising but not sticky. I have hated every lip gloss I’ve tried from all the big brands but not these ones. Kudos to Black Up for this. Added bonus, these glosses all have SPF 15.

The pencil also has a high colour pay off and applies very smoothly. If you need a pencil for an orange lipstick like Mac’s Morange or So Chaud, this would work well with either lipstick.

Where to Buy 

Black Up is stocked in all the Montaigne Place stores across Nigeria. See list of stores here

My overall experience with these Black Up products has been a pleasant one. Their products aren’t exactly the most affordable on the market but for the most part, the product quality is a reflection of the price. 

Quite a number of them have become staples in my makeup bag which is always a good sign. I know there’s still a whole lot more to explore with Black Up though and I’m eager. What products do you guys love from Black Up? Please share suggestions in the comments…

Peace & Love, 



  1. March 31, 2016 / 3:18 pm

    Not rich enough for Black-Up yet, but i once tried their black pencil eye-liner and let me tell you, it was the softest, most intensely dark, long-lasting eye-liner ever! i think it was N3,800 or so.

    And oh to get such a goody-bag… *bobs eyebrows*


  2. Anonymous
    April 2, 2016 / 7:07 am

    Nice and helpful review. Pls what shade of Mac MSF do you use?

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