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So it looks like time only permits for #HKDiaries to be a monthly update…you guys don’t mind too much, yes? 🙂

The last month has been amazing! I’ve been playing hostess with the mostest as my husband came visiting and shortly after that, my mum came! Hashtag blessed!

My husband and I spent his first week here exploring the city. I took him to all my favourite restaurants and bars and we even discovered some new ones while at it.I won’t bore you guys with those pictures because they are mostly places I have shared in the past with you guys.

The next week, we went on holiday to Vietnam, a city I knew little to nothing about till I got to Hong Kong and it was highly recommended by my colleagues as the perfect holiday spot. Nigerians don’t often cross the lines of Europe, America and the Middle East when it comes to holidays but even the few that do explore Asia usually keep it to more popular cities like Shanghai or Bangkok.

We spent three days in Hanoi which is an amazing city with the same energy as Lagos. People are hustling in the streets from sun up to sun down, okadas are speeding across highways at suicidal speed and the blazing sun is causing everyone to sweat bucketloads.

We stayed at the best hotel ever called Hanoi Marvellous! I loved it so much that I had to leave my first ever Trip Advisor review, they were that fantastic! This screen grab will give you guys details…

We did a city tour of Hanoi in a deke-napep type car and it made me miss Lagos even more. We saw a lot of the city’s major monuments like the Hoan Kiem Lake, St Joseph’s Cathedral built in 1886 and we drove down several street shops and restaurants. We ended the day at a water puppet show which is one of the most recommended tourist activities when you’re in Hanoi. The show was done completely in Vietnamese but we still enjoyed the puppets and the singing…brilliant stuff.

Hanoi Opera House

Hoan Kiem Lake

Water Puppet Show, a showcase of Vietnamese culture that dates as far back as the 11th Century

On the next day, we took a day trip out on a boat to Halong Bay, an island in the northeast of Vietnam. which is a UNESCO world heritage site. It is a sight to behold honestly, towering limestone mountains of all sizes springing out of the sea. Pictures don’t do this place any justice honestly…I just kept thinking, God is GOOD!

Lunch on the boat


I bought some freshwater pearls gotten from Oyster caught in Halong Bay 🙂

Whilst we were out there, one of my followers on SnapChat suggested that we try out Highway 4 for authentic Vietnamese food and it was an awesome suggestion. Thanks girl! 

We had fresh spring rolls to start which I wasn’t too fond of…apparently Spring Rolls originated from Vietnam and the authentic ones are meant to br fresh…meh! Give me my deep fried goodness any day…

For mains, we tried Bun Cha, another local food which is a grilled pork and noodles dish that is synonymous with Vietnam. It was tasty! 

Pho is another Vietnamese delicacy we tried, a noodle soup dish that comes with either beef or chicken. My husband was obsessed with Pho and ate it every single day we were there. It was nice but nothing out of this world for me…

We left Hanoi after 3 days and went to Hoi An, another city in Central Vietnam. It is so different from Hanoi, quiet with miles and miles of sandy beaches. It was the more relaxing part of our vacation.

We stayed at a resort on the beach, had a beach front villa and everything but a lot of things were just off about the place. We loved chilling on the beach but that was about it. Another Trip Advisor review for y’all….

We walked around the city with a tour guide to see some historical sites in Hoi An including the Japanese covered bridge which is a symbol of Hoi An. It was constructed by the Japanese community in 1590 as a way for them to access the Chinese living areas.

On the Japanese covered bridge


On the streets of Hoi An

One of the biggest temples in the city

Learning the art of pottery

We were quite sad to leave Vietnam 5 days after such a wonderful experience. We’ve made plans to make our way back and explore other parts of the country such as Ho Chi Minh and Danang….

Bye Vietnam! I’m wearing a Non La, a traditional Vietnamese hat 🙂 

 We came back to Hong Kong and hit the ground running almost immediately! We travelled to Lantau, one of the islands in Hong Kong that hosts the world famous Big Buddha statue. The Big Buddha is much bigger than I ever expected it to be!

Stunning roof of one of the temples we visited

Clearly still on a roll, we went to Hong Kong Disneyland the next day and had fun, fun, fun!!! I am really just a baby girl at heart and Disneyland allows my inner child to flourish without fear of judgement. This is the second Disney we have been to and I am aiming to visit all the other 4 in the world by God’s grace!

Mickey and Minnie are my couple goals <3

Our amazing vacation came to an end and my husband left a few days after :(… Just as I started sulking and feeling sorry for myself, my mummy came through the next week!!! We have been having so much fun bonding and gisting just like old times. This is the first time I have spent quality time with my mum since I got married in 2013 and I am super grateful for it. The most I usually get with her is one hour during a flying visit, in the company of everyone else!  Sometimes a girl just needs undivided attention from her mama and that’s what I have been getting 🙂

She has been enjoying Hong Kong so much, she doesn’t want to leave!

At the Peak….Mummy’s girl for life! 

Dim-Sum fun 🙂

We had Sunday brunch yesterday with Jennifer and her lovely family…forgive the blurry picture…perhaps the waiter was also enjoying the bottomless champagne…

Peace and Love,



  1. July 5, 2016 / 1:29 am

    I think Snapchat is the way to keep up with you. I have missed these posts.

    Honestly, living the Asian life through you. See your mom's pout nah, eternal baby girl!
    Enjoy this next month.


  2. Anonymous
    July 9, 2016 / 6:18 pm

    Love it. Would miss you in Hong-Kong!love you loads.

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