Review | Kylie Matte Liquid Lipstick in Dolce K

I’m probably one of the last few beauty bloggers to get on the Kylie train (blame Hong Kong) but I’m happy I finally did! The collection has a lot of gorgeous shades but I purchased Dolce K to start and decided to share my thoughts with you guys as I usually do…

Colour: Dolce K is a light nude pink shade with some grey undertones. Looking at it in the tube, I was afraid it will come off ashy on me but I was pleasantly surprised that it worked well with my skin tone. If you are on the lighter side of the spectrum, you can rock it with no trouble but darker shades may need a brown lipliner to tone it down. 

Formula: There have been mixed reviews about the formula of Miss Kylie’s lipsticks but I think it varies by shade. Dolce K I had no issues with- it applied easily, had great coverage, dried down to a comfortable matte feel on the lips. No issues at all with this one. 

Length of Wear: I found that it did not hold up quite as long as some of my other matte lipsticks. It started flaking off after about 4 hours.

Price: At 9k a pop, Kylie Liquid Lipsticks are not cheap. They are actually the most expensive I have ever bought. The liquid lipstick is high quality but I would say that you can get same quality with other brands for cheaper. Dolce K is quite a unique shade though, I’ll give them that. 

Where to Buy: Check out BeautyRevNG’s range of Kylie Cosmetics lip products here.

Have you guys tried any of the Kylie liquid lipsticks? Think they are worth they hype? 

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  1. September 9, 2016 / 3:24 pm

    That shade of nude looks gorgeous and i won't mind getting it as a gift because i ain't dropping 9k on a lipstick, color me cheap.

    Meanwhile, your lashes are hot! what are they?!

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  2. November 10, 2016 / 12:42 pm

    I like it

  3. November 12, 2016 / 10:53 am

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