Back at it again with another Restaurant Review! I went to the new Lebanese place on Ozumba in VI, Salma’s and here’s what I thought…

I am not easily impressed but as soon as I walked into Salma’s, I was wowed! Impeccable customer service and courtesy from the reservations manager at the door to the waiter that seated us.

Also, the space is such a beauty to behold! It is truly setup for a fine dining experience…I mean look at the chinaware!



To start we ordered the Special Hummus (N 4,400) and the Rocca Salad (N2,200) and both were absolutely delicious. I think the Hummus might actually be the best I have had in Lagos, fresh and tasty. The Rocca Salad was made with Arugula which is my favorite green of all time so naturally I loved it. It had onions and I usually hate onions in salads but this was gooooddd!


We ordered and shared three things for mains:

LAHAM BI AJIN (baked lebanese pastry filled with seasoned minced goat meat) N 2,200

This was alright, it tasted like a pizza that was lacking something. I felt like it needed some veggies to balance the meat and the bread but who am I to tell the Lebanese how to serve their food?

MIXED GRILLS (charcoal grilled skewers of seasoned goat and chicken cubes) N 7,700

The mixed grills was really good. The goat and the chicken were tender and delicious but at this time we had bread fatigue. We had been eating flat bread since the starter so seeing bread served with the mixed grills again was tiring. We hardly ate any of it but fully cleared the meats!

KAFTA KHESHKHASH (charcoal grilled skeweres of seasoned minced lamb) N 5, 800

The lamb was our favorite choice on the night- tender and succulent. I couldn’t even tell what it was marinated in but it was so good! Again, the pesky bread! 😂 We may have to ask them to hold off on it next time. Peep our original bread basket at the back, it wasn’t even half way done! 😭


We got offered a complimentary tray of fruits for dessert which was a very nice way to end the evening.


We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at Salma’s, spent well over 3 hours and were probably the last few ones there when they started to shut down. We moved to the enclosed outdoor smoking area after our meal to have drinks and shisha. The outdoor area is a very relaxed setting, totally a Friday night vibe. Oh and they have a poolside area as well but we did not go there.

The food was great, the ambiance- beautiful, service- top-notch and the prices aren’t cut throat… Salma’s is definitely a GO! 👍🏾 We have not stopped talking about it since we went there…





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